Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Now, that´s the last mini that is going to be presented in daily installments of the christmas calendar.
Due to the crappy nature of the last few pics and the amount of figures that I´ve painted during the last weeks, I´ve decided that I´ll finish this calendar with a special set of bonus pictures, featuring all the minis that I´ve prepared on  New Years eve. In the meantime, we´ll enjoy our christmas holidays ;)

I promise that I´ll show you some proper pics of the last 4 gentlemen when I get home from my family-visit. Please have some patience until then.

So, apart from the Bonus pics I´ve promised above, what´s next on this blog after this little christmas project is finished? Here´s my list of things plannd for the next few weeks:

-I´m planning on writing an entry on our most recent addition to the campaign system, which should encourage taking strategic objectives on the map and add some interesting choices for the players.

-We´ll hopefully be able to resume the campaign sooner or later.We´re working on a solution to continue our latest game after we´ve been interrupted as I´ve moved in November .

-I´ll paint more Taliban and present the results here!

-I´ll add more buildings (especially more town-buildings, as I think I have enough farm & greenzone-terrain for the time being. And I´ll make some more courtyard/compound walls, as I lack some of these.

I hope that will suffice to keep you entertained for the next month or so!  If you don´t want to miss anything, you can subscribe - if you haven´t already.
Merry Christmas & a happy new year!