Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Plans for December

Hey folks,

as I´ve recently moved to a new place, the action on the hobby-front has died down a little until I have a proper desk & chair. Furthermore, not all my wargaming material has yet been transported to my new place, so I´m not 100% ready to pick up where I left. Unfortunately, we had started the seventh mission of our campaign a few days before I got notified that I would be able to move in a week earlier than expected. This essentially disrupted the PBEM-game in the middle of turn 2 and we have not been able to resume it yet.
To finish the game, we will move to the digital version of the battlefield, marking positions & intended movements on the battlefield in our respective graphic manipulation programs and dice it out without miniatures on the table. So, the next battle report will take some more time. After this, things should go back to normal.

Furthermore, I joined a local historical wargaming group last saturday to introduce them to Force on Force, and apparently they liked it, as I was asked to develop some more scenarios for the upcoming meetings. This I will gladly do. And of course I´ll further improve my terrain to make the games even more appealing. In order to achieve this goal, I´ve ordered some foamcore board to build more (and nicer) buildings. They should arrive today. Once I´ll be able to get to the construction store to buy some filler, more refined Afghan buildings can be constructed.

The last part of the hobby news is that I´ve obtained more miniatures lately. Some of Elhiems modern Germans, some Wartime-Taliban and a set of special coalition assets (namely some ANP, a Civilian interaction team and EOD) will join the existing forces within the next month. Furthermore, I will be preparing a very special wargaming christmas calendar for my friend. Every day, he´ll be presented a freshly painted miniature from an African setting. I´ll post them here as well if you like - maybe not on a daily basis-

Apart from this rather limited news, there is not much new on the wargaming aspects.

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