Saturday, December 1, 2012

BGs Christmas Calendar - 1st Window

Okay, here we go.

As I already told you in my last entry, I´ll put up a christmas calendar for my best friend & gaming companion, who has served me well as opponent for the battlereports you can find on this blog.

He has always hinted that he would sometimes like to play in a modern african setting, and I jokingly told him during his last visit that I could create a very special advent calendar with Miniatures...
Well, inevitably, what has been a stupid idea has actually become possible by a stroke of luck - I was able to obtain 20 Grenadan PRA for a price of 10€ (approx. 8 UK pounds or 13 US Dollars). These minis are generic enough to be used as Africans. They are wearing Soviet equipment and should work as a generic or fictional African Nations Army.
The remaining 4 guys I simply added to my latest order from Elhiem, which makes 24 minis - one to be presented to my friend every day. Sometime after we hit the 24th of December, he will get the painted troops for christmas. Then, he´ll only need to set up an adversary to his fictional African country - be it a UN intervention group, domestic rebels or something else.

So here is the first miniature, painted and ready to go. It´s from Elhiem.

A soldier of the Osambi Mukutu - the presidents elite forces.
 And from the back:

Hope you enjoy it.
Please tell me if you´d like to see daily updates, or several figures at once every few days in the comments!


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