Monday, December 3, 2012

BGs Christmas Calender - 3rd Window

Man, its already the third...
Time for the next figure!

What was that noise?

Aaand, a bonus pic for today:

Stay tuned for tomorow!


  1. Is that last bonus pic a German in Desert/Arid Flektarn? If so, man, you nailed that perfectly! Nicely done!

    (The other chaps pretty good too!)

    So is this a calendar you made for yourself? Were all the minis pre-painted last month - or are you just painting a miniature each day as you open them up?

    I should do that for my kids one year. My wife's perviously bought Playmobil advent calendars, but the kids are getting more into gaming with dad... A miniature a day would build them each up a nice sized unit for a skirmish game of one sort or another!

    1. Hey Tim,

      yep, thats a German in Desert Flecktarn.
      The Calendar is for my friend (I´ve outlined the story behind it in the first entry), who will get the painted minis for christmas (if I don´t become too possessive of them as they look so nice) :D

      I´m indeed painting (or at least finishing) one mini per day - of course they are already primed in bunch and some of the basic colors are applied to all of them in one step, but the details are added each day. Might have to pre-paint some minis for this weekend, as I´ll visit my family and won´t have time to paint one fig per day.

      For FoF 24 minis are indeed enough to play normal sized games, equals ~4 Fireteams + Leaders, which is a good number for basic kinetic engagements. For assymmetric, you´d probably need at least 2 guys per day if you don´t want to wait another year until the next calendar is due :D