Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BGs Christmas Calendar - Window 12

The first half of the calendar is already over. However, contrary to sports, I don´t take a break...

Thats our man for today.
And as all those poses are somehow repeating over and over, I´ll add another picture so you will believe me that I´m not posting the same minis over an over ;)

A Full NAM-Squad + Special Forces Team

Organisation-wise the NAM-squad will probably be split into one large Fireteam (3 AK + Support Weapon) and two Weapon teams. One of those will be an RPG-Team (RPG+Support Gunner) and the other one either an MG team (PKM + Ass. Gunner) or a Sniper Team (Dragunov + Spotter).

Even when running on low ammo (-1 FP) this will give them a lot of firepower:
4 Dice for the Fireteam (4 + Support - Low Ammo), and 3-5 FP for the Weapon teams (2 men + Support Weapon (if used) + 2 WT Bonus -1 Low Ammo)

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  1. The army is looking very good! It is very depressing that the season is half over :/ but that does mean Christmas is closer!