Thursday, February 13, 2014

4 Taliban in ~1,5 Days

I´ve talked about how I was trying to measure my productivity in a recent post... Well, it has obviously increased somewhat. I´ve started some wire skellies on thursday afternoon, roughly 8 o clock in the evening. Today, at roughly 3 o´clock, the skellies had evolved into these Taliban:

I´m presenting the back side first because it looks better than the front due to the foto quality.  Here´s the front, which got a little too much flash and th best of several photos I´ve taken. I´m too lazy to tak another shot just to show them off before they´re cast and painted. They´ll probably be shipped to the caster and get stuffed in a mold with my German Machinegunners (which is the next project by the way - another MG4 for my Germans!).
Anyway, here´s the front view with slightly distorted colors and a little too much flash:

Back to the topic - these 4 guys are the result of approximately 1,5 days of time, though I not at home this morning. I did miss my 24 hour challenge by a few hours, but as the figures don´t look too rushed, that´s alright. Quality beats speed after all ;)

I DID also learn for my exam tomorrow while doing these, which was my way of cooling off between practising.

The PKM gunner will probably get an ammo belt on his machinegun, forgot to add that.

More exciting news coming soon!

Stay Tuned!

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