Monday, February 10, 2014

IDF Extras - No. 1 Final

And once again a figure rolls of the assembly line:

This fellow is part of the support stuff for the IDF Infantry. I´ve considered Bens comment and actually liked the idea of implementing a designated marksman, but after some research I found out that the M14 is no longer in use as a DM Rifle in the IDF. It´s been decommissioned in 1997. It´s very hard to find info on the weapons actually in use right now, seems like it´s either an M4 variant with Acog or Trijicon Sights or a Marksman version of the Tavor Tar with similar optics. As I do have a lot of guys carrying Tavors already, I didn´t see the point in making another one as a designated marksman where you couldn´t see a difference.

So I switched back to my previous idea of including an alternative Negev Gunner, as the other pose is one of the very first and old and thought I could supplement this one with another, better pose.
And there he is, almost finished. On second thought, I realise that he needs a bipod and iron sights on the back end of the Negev. But that´s minor stuff ;)

I´ll probably supplement this one with two guys for the FN MAG team, but I´ve to ponder on the pose for these... Prone figures would suit best, but are consuming so much space and I know that some people don´t like too many prone figures on their table...

I´ll probably need some time to think about that, but I´m doing something else for a change anyway.

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  1. He came out nicely. Machine guns are very useful, it is a good choice!