Thursday, February 6, 2014

IDF Group Shots

Today the light is shining nice and bright through our windows and so I used the opportunity to take some nice pictures of my IDF - most of these have been shown before, but two should be knew and unseen.

One Pictures with some very in-action poses for the riflemen.
It´s been very hard to find reliable information and sources on the composition of IDF squads. The Israelis seem to be very secretive and rather ad-hoc in their organisation, which is somehow understandable given the threat environment this organisation is exposed to. It´s also clear that it´s hard to stick to paper TOEs when facing a shooting war with a conscription based system. History has shown that troops end up understrength due to losses and organisational delay, making any TOE utterly useless if you can´t fill the ranks. I guess this is also true for modern day scenarios.

So my decision has been to include a lot of variety for Rifleman into my first build, with only one Neveg LMG. I´ll probably add one UGL to one of the Tavor TARs. The basic kit will not include any AT launchers, as I could not find any pictures in the IDF photostream showing infantry with AT launchers, which indicates they´re not stock equipment for squad level troops.

The guy in the middle is probably going to be the Grenadier, reloading the launcher with a new shell from the grenade pouches on his chest.

As groupshot of all nine soldiers. I still have 2-3 poses left to fill the mold, but I´m not entirely sure what to build next. Another LMG-pose? FN-MAG MMG team? AT-Launcher support? 

I´d be happy for some input on this matter :) 

And there´s another lineup of all the individual miniatures. It´s a little small but I hope you can still see them :) 

Until next time! 


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  1. They look great! I also didn't realize that you had made so many of them so quickly!
    A designated marksman-type figure with an M14 would be cool for the extra figure :P