Friday, February 7, 2014

IDF Extras - No. 1


small update for today, I´ve done it again and started another pose for an additional trooper. Not sure yet if he´s going to get a Markman Rifle or a Machine Gun (Light or Medium?!).

This is how the mini looks halfway through the process, arms + weapon are added next and the helmet is usually the final step for me.

The guy is hauling slightly more weight than the others. Maybe a Machinegun would fit his gear and outfit best?

It´s also noticable that I´ve become significantly faster. I started this one as a dolly this morning and had him looking like that in the afternoon. Of course I didn´t spend all the time working, the putty needs time to cure and set after all.  So this is maybe some 2 hours of work, probably less as I´ve been working on other figures in between - it´s always hard to emeasure how much time it takes for one figure. I´ve started an attempt to monitor it but almost lost track of it due to just picking it up and working some more without recording the exact time or moving on to the next without stopping the count. I´ll have to monitor this more thoroughly in the future, as I´m interested in just how long it takes for a single figure to be finished.

So much for now, seeya soon!

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