Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preview Session II - IDF

Welcome back to Preview Session No. 2.

Again, I´m boring my long term followers with things they already know :(
Well, not quite true. There are new figures I haven´t yet revealed! And some alterations to previously presented figures.

First, the things you know: IDF Riflemen are largely unchanged from what I presented earlier.
However, I´ve added a grenade launcher on a Tavor as seen below, and made some minor modifications on one of the NCO figures:

And last, the pack with the new stuff.  My FN MAG gunner and his secondary, with binoculars for spotting targets of opportunity, together with the Negev Gunners:

 All shipped to the caster today :)
Meanwhile, I´ll be working harder on the website to offer you a nice and convenient webshop to browse! 

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