Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preview Session I - Insurgents & Bundeswehr

Hey folks,

a little later than I hoped, but I was finally able to take some good pictures of the figures that will be sent off today if there are no further delays. I had planned to ship them yesterday, but despite working for almost 6 hours nonstop on clean up & finishig on the masters, I was not able to get them all to the desired standard. So I´ve added another shift today to finish the last four Israelis that needed some attention before things get packed.

If the sun keeps shining, I´ll have two Preview sessions today. This is the first, presenting all non-IDF items that will be cast and should be released in April. The second session will focus entirely on my IDF soldiers and should be online this afternoon if the light doesn´t fade and I can take some good photos.

Anyway, here we go:

I´ll release a single pack of Taliban support weapons, the set I did in roughly a day. I hope to add more later on, as you can never have enough variety with Taliban. ;)
I included 2 RPKs in the pack because I think that RPKs are under-represented and I had a very limited choice of poses in my own collection. Maybe someone else feels like I do and wants to pick some up along with other items.

Taliban Support Weapons

Not only can you never have enough variety and manpower with Taliban, the same is of course true with all Insurgents. So, my first set of Generic Insurgents will be available for sale as well. I wil offer three sets of Insurgents suitable for all kind of rebels in colder regions, from Russia to Cold War Europe - maybe not so much for hot regions as they´re all wearing thick clothes. Some might be suitable for Syrian rebels as well, make up your own mind:

Insurgents with Kalashnikovs - including Igor and Thug

Some Western armament thrown into the mix with the next pack: Insurgents with M16, for Wolverines or pro-Western Rebels:

Insurgents with M16

And the ever-present support weapons to add some firepower to the mix, nothing beats Russian equipment here, RPGs and PKMs for the win:

Insurgent Support Weapon Pack - 2x RPG, 2x RPK

And, last but not least for the non-IDF stuff, I´ve done a pack for our German friends. People have been complaining about the lack of good machingunners, neither the plastic kits nor anyone else has a sufficient variety of machingunners. No-one I know of has ever done MG4s - so any Bundeswehr player should watch out for these:

Old News for long-time followers, I know. But seeing what has been accumulated has a Qualtiy of its own, doesn´t it? ;)

See ya´ll later for the IDF preview!

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