Thursday, April 10, 2014

East German Motorized Rifles - Almost finished

Still some work to do, but getting closer to completion fast:

Left Flank: Advance!

The subtitles on the pics are not entirely accurat of course, as Warpac doctrine used the Squad as their smallest element of maneuver, so no fire and maneuver on section level as implied here  ;)

Right flank: Covering Fire!

And another perspective:

The whole bunch:


  1. These look nice as well.
    Your sculpting output lately has been impressive to say the least!

    1. Thank you, I´ve been pushing to improve the output lately, both in quantity and in quality. Now that the East Germans are done, I´m off for easter holidays waiting for the casts (and more weapons, always need more weapons!) to arrive. And I´m already starting to get bored after half a week without sculpting and unsuitable weather to paint outside... Well, guess I´ll be doing more throughout the easter holidays ;)