Saturday, April 5, 2014

More East Germans in the Making

It´s bad weather outside and as you might know by now, this means no painting on the balcony but sculpting more stuff.  I´ve been working on more east germans before the good weather hit and picked them up where I left when the weather deteriorated.

A total of 8 guys is in the works, this post will present the first half of work in progress figures.

Four 20mm NVA soldiers - about two thirds finished

I´ve noticed that working on figures in groups of 4 is much more convenient and motivating than doing huge batches. So getting the first four East Germans done is a priority, I like to have some variety in my projects, not always the same uniform, webbing an weapons for all of the guys, gets boring pretty quickly if you do 8 figures in an assembly-line style.

The figures are still missing another bag, arms (obviously) and final touches on the legs.  Should give you a good idea about the end result though, even if the arms will probably cover up some of the details.

So, more East Germans coming along (the other 4 guys) and after I finish the figures above, I´ll start new Africans or more Insurgents, not sure yet.

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