Sunday, April 27, 2014

SADF Leader

Aaand another one. Hope it doesn´t get boring by now.
I´m not very talky today and there are some pictures ahead, so I´m saving my talk to fill the space in between:


SADF Section Leader with ´80s Headphones as inspired by the picture in the FoF Bush Wars Supplement. This one is wearing a chestrig and takes a kneeling position to receive or send a radio message.

He has a floppy hat. I decided that I will do some spare heads for headswapping to provide the standard pose in the more common soft hat version (except for Trooper No. 1 who already has a helmet) and make a selection of heads with helmets to swap them.

Meanwhile, the Israelis have arrived from the caster and I have a lot of stuff on the workbench to get painted, so there is some serious tradeoff between sculpting and getting the stuff painted in order to set up the shop for the older casts. I wish I had more time for this, but tomorrow is monday and monday means work.

The R4 rifle prototype has also progressed to almost near completion, you should be able to identify the rifle by now - granted you know how the thing looks in reality :)

And that´s it for today, I´ll be back very soon with more pictures of little green men... and yellow men... and more grey sculpts I hope!


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