Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Egg

Hey Hey,

back from the easter holidays, and as expected I couldn´t quite stand doing nothing at all. Having some downtime, I sculpted this little Easter Egg as a test figure, trying to incorporate the latest critiques on the East Germans.  So, smaller heads and special attention on the arms length.

Now, the feet and trousers are not yet quite finished, I´ll polish those as I base the figure. But the important parts are complete.

UPDATE: Now properly based and finished.

Please keep in mind that this is macro photography, the figures is  20mm / 1/72 scale as always.
 And here is a quick preview on the next figure in line, though not very impressive at the moment:


  1. I really love this guy!

    He looks great so far. A lot of details and not also a nice pose, but also well sculpted and as far as I can see, good proportions.

    Good work. Keep it up!

    1. Whew, glad to please you. ;)
      Thanks again for the criticism, even if it can be quite devastating at times, it´s a powerful incentive to improve future figures.

  2. Definitely your best yet.
    The improvements are great.
    The weapon details, angle of the wrist, as well as the more subtle face look perfect to me.

    1. Thanks! The only problem with making good figures is to keep up the level with the next one :D
      I´ll have to work hard to achieve that, lest the slack creeps in again...