Friday, April 25, 2014

SADF Trooper No. 2

Hello guys (and girls, if there are any around ;) ),

after the very positive feedback on the last SADF Trooper, I´ve decided to do more in the same style, trying to keep my level. And of course, the next is already in line. I´m taking them bit by bit, trying to avoid falling into the "must get them done"-mode that usually grips me two thirds through the process - it usually leads to small errors here and there, which is not exactly what I need.

This guy wears the floppy head, after the guys at the guild have rightfully pointed out that the helmets where not commonly used due to the extreme heat of the theatre. Soldiers usually resorted to the more comfortable soft hat than collapsing from heat buildup underneath their helmets. So I´m making the majority of South Africans with those floppy heads, while providing some poses with regular helmets just because I like them. Under these circumstances, I´m thinking of providing a few spare heads to do headswaps, so anyone can create their forces as they please.

 I´m also preparing a prototype on the R4 rifle, which is a South African licence version of the Galil Assault Rifle designed in Israel. Through some tinkering, I discovered that these have some common points with the Negev SAW, which is the modern LMG used by the IDF troops.

So instead of building a weapon completely from scratch, I seized the opportunity to convert one of my Negevs into a R4 style Assault rifle. Still far fom complete, but the first prototype is ready and it already bears a basic resemblance on the original.

Not very catchy at the moment, of course there is still some polishing to be done. Weapons have to be built step by step - this I have learned by now. And they are SMALL steps!

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