Sunday, March 9, 2014

A figure for Stargazer


I´m surprised no one has yet come up with the answer to my quiz, I thought the pic would contain enough hints to find the answer quite easily.

Anyway, todays entry is completely unrelated to the things I usually do. My fellow blogger Stargazer (see bloglist to the right) has given me a very special task to fulfil, and I did. It´s been a few weeks as I´ve been busy finishing the Israelis and other stuff, but I´m finally almost done (save for the usual post-processing).

So, today I´m able to present you: A Valkyria for Stargazers new project. Commissioned by him as a unique figure for his battlegroup, sculpted by me according to his guidance and wishes. The release of the pics is sanctioned by him, he just doesn´t know that I´m presenting it today or that I´m already finished ;)

The figures is supposed to be a 20mm figure, but actually turned out a little larger, so it´s rather a heroic 20mm figure. I think that´s not an issue for a character figure, as these chicks are supposed to be larger-than-life figures anyway, if I got the narrative right ;)

I´ve made a few changes to the design of the lance, as the original design looked to much like a tampon to me. Now it has the look of some kind of coil, which I think looks better than the original. My task was to surprise him, I hope he likes it ;) 
If not, I can still change it back to a tampon-lance.

Unfortunately, the nice uniform design I built is hardly visible on the final pics due to the lance and the shield. I designed it based on two different uniform styles to create a suitable mix.

The face is designed to represent the manga-nature of these figures. My first time doing a manga face on a miniature, and I can tell you: building a 3D model of a 2D art technique is much more difficult than you think. Especially the nose is a real challenge.

Another challenge that is still ahead after post-processing and basing: Transport. I am not sure how I´m supposed to get this thing shipped to Stargazer in one piece. I guess I´ll need to pack lots and lots of cushions into the package so nothing breaks off. I really hope she survives the journey unscathed.

Have a nice Sunday!

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