Monday, March 17, 2014

Su-27 Dogfight

After my friend had painted two awesome Su-27 in camo scheme, we decided to do a small testgame of Check Your Six Jet Age after we didn´t have the time to play a demo game in our club last saturday.

To demonstrate the game mechanisms, I put the two Su-27 on the board, equal height, equal speed but with a difference in Pilot Skill: I took the Skilled (+1) Pilot, having played two games of CY6:JA before and gave my friend the veteran pilot (+2) to show the impact of the different skill levels

The game started with a BVR missile fight, my friends veteran pilot achieved a lock on & fire result and fired off his first AA-10 immediately, while I was barely able to get a lock on. His missile streaked by, unable to hit my plane due to the difficulty to hit the front angle.

While closing in on each other, I went into a dive to make the lock-on harder with all the ground clutter below me, while me friend climbed up into the sky, trying to build up more energy before going into the dogfight.

Next turn, my locked on AA-10 had a malfunction while the veteran pilot failed to achieve a lock on at all. So we closed in on each other without scoring any missile hits.

After two more missiles that all failed their target, we where in gun range and went close up into the dogfight. Anticipating that my friend would try to push down on me, I started to climb and overshot him two or three altitude levels above him, which meant that he could not shoot on my due to the extreme angle.

My plane in the foreground

Following that maneuver, I turned into a Split-S while adjusting slightly to the left, while my friend executed a steep immelmann, coming up way above me with almost no speed left. I turned right to get into his rear, he turned right to avoid that and get his sights on me, and while I climbed he power-dived into the following head-on gun run:

Head to head on the same altitude level...  my plane on the right

Both pilots fired their main guns.
I needed a 9+ to hit (6+ base on the given range, roll modified by -1 pilot skill difference and -2 head to head or deflection shot), my friends veteran needed a 7+
He rolled a seven, I rolled poorly. With the long range heavy cannon bullets ripping through my plane, I suffered airframe damage.

Though not immediately destroyed, I was now unable to execute extreme turns or special maneuvers without risking the plane to break apart - with more than a 50-50 chance of immediate destruction, I tried to break away left and into a climb, but of course the veteran pilot was able to reverse his course by a special maneuver (power Split-s) and ended up in my rear.

Beep Beep Beep - Missile Warning!

Not much I could do, the game was basically over the moment he hit me with his cannon fire. Fortunately, the missile was a proper proximity hit, ripping the plane apart and ending the misery of hopelessly trying to escape a veteran pilot...


And that was it. The simulator screen turned black and both russian pilots got out of the cockpit to drink some vodka together ;)


  1. Nice Report!! Who makes the SU-27's and the missiles? Thx.

    1. Thank you! Fighters are from Oddzial Osmy (sourced through Fighting 15s) 1/600 range (3mm figures) and the missiles are ordinary pipe cleaners, cheap and readily available, no magic there ;)