Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Khardala Road Ambush - A FIMP Testgame: Turn 1

Hey folks,

before taking the Force on Force Improvement Project (FIMP) to our club next saturday, I thought I´d better set up a small game to iron out the biggest mistakes and have it in closer to a beta than an alpha test version.

I freed half of my table for this small test that´s meant to identify the bugs and issues and to test the mechanics in a real in-game scenario, to experience how the new flow and the decisions feel.

So, the Taliban set up this little ambush along a mountainside with a good overview on a road that an american convoi would soon pass:

Forgive the crappy terrain, I´ve still not upgraded it to proper levels due to all the sculpting :(

The Taliban forces have hit the Stryker with an RPG, damaging some of the wheels and reducing his mobility to half. The passengers have scrambled to dismount and another US Infantry Squad is coming in from the rear of the convoi to help in the thick of the fight!

The Taliban have set up conceiled position in the mountains, they´re bringing two RPG Teams, two MG teams (1x RPK + 1 PKM team) and a small infantry cell (4 fighters) to the fight.

One of the RPG cells and the PKM team are controlled by leaders, as is the infantry team. This gives the Taliban three leaders compared to the US Armies two Squad leaders. However, remember that the US leaders have a better TQ and roll a D8. The Taliban would have the initiative during the first turn, so even if the Americans roll more successes with their initiative, they would not be able to post overwatch, they could only react or activate in the end-phase.

[First question posed on the start was if the Vehicles should give additional leadership dice - I ruled "no" for this test game, though the vehicle has a commander I´m not giving him the status of a fireteam leader, tasked with managing the vehicle and his crew, not so much with the overall tactical outlook.You´d better bring a Platoon leader for coordinated Combined Arms Warfare to make use of all the nice vehicles without cannibalising the command ability of your Infantry. ]

The Talibs rolled their six initiative dice and scored: 1,3,4,4,5,6  - four successes out of six!
The US Forces got a bad run by rolling a 1,3 and 6,8 -  two successes.

The Taliban would dictate the first turn, not only by having initiative but by activating more units.

The Taliban open fire with their PKM

The Taliban open fire with their PKM on the dismounted squaddies. They activate without test as the PKM team is controlled by an attached leader.
The Americans spend one of their Initiative dice to attempt a reaction to move their soldiers into the nearby drainage ditch.
They win the reaction test with a 2 vs. 3, having the initiative.

Shooting starts with 5D6 (2 men, 2 for MMG, 1 for Optimum Range) = 1,3,3,4,5 - two successes.
The Americans roll 2D10 for saves: 2 and 6.
They test for Morale with another 2D10: Same result, 2 and 6.

Being in cover but not behind solid cover means they save on a 3+, which is not enough to prevent a casualty.  One Soldier is hit! With one morale die below 4, they also fail their morale and are "pinned" and won´t move towards the enemy, even if it is to take a covered position.  Bad start!

Their return fire on the Taliban is now reduced to TQ D6, as they´re pinned. Rolling 6D6 (three soldiers on their feet + Squadlead + 2 Support Weapon) they score 1,1,4,4,5,5 - a total of 4 successes.
Being in cover, behind solid cover (mountainside -> rocks) and ambushing they save these with easy by rolling no 1. Their morale is not so good, with a 2,5,5,8 - the two being a fail, this causes a "pin" for them as well and they hunker down behind their rocks.

Next, the Taliban try to spend another die on the RPK-Team, but as this is not directly controlled by a leader, it requires a test. The Taliban fail the TQ check and are not allowed to activate this team with the non-attached leader.

Taliban RPG gunners attempting to shoot the Stryker again!

Thus, they move on to their RPG team hidden by the fields and fire another RPG team. Again, a leader is present, so no test. They succeed with their ambush and fire first, but fail to penetrate the side armor (attack roll: 4 vs. 4,8 defense).

Return fire is inaccurate, but one round hits the Taliban that are not in cover. The saving roll of 2 is a casualty as the Taliban get +1 for in cover, +1 for Ambush, but nothing for cover, but must reach a 5+.  Morale falters as well, making them "pinned".

The second RPG team gets activated with the next initiative die, has to take a TQ test as they don´t have a leader and manages it! They fail their reaction test though, and get pinned by the pre-emptive fire of the Stryker, which means a drop in TQ below D6 and no further fire from them.

With Four initiative dice spent, the Americans may use their last die for an end-of turn activation. The move their Infantry squad into the nearby orchard for better cover.

Now the fun starts with Turn 2:
6 Dice for the Taliban, 4 Dice for the US.  Which dice should be spent before rolling to unpin units, and which should be rolled for activations later?

Stay tuned for later!
Feel free to make suggestions!

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