Thursday, March 27, 2014

How small is too small?

Hey folks,

I´m still sick, but finally feeling well enough to sculpt some more stuff. I hope the coughing doesn´t get worse as this would pretty much prevent any work on the figures.

I´ve become upset with the size of my chinese sculpts yesterday after putting them next to an Elhiem Marine. The difference is quite large and though I could argue that people of asian original are generally smaller than european descendents, I´m not quite sure if it´s within the acceptable limits. So here´s some more pictures for you to make up your mind and give me an opinion of how bad things are - still useable as a 20mm figure or rather not?

They look good standing next to each other...

...but they seem small next to an Elhiem US Marine
How bad is it?

The standing Chinese officer (not on the pics here) measures just 22mm, assuming a 1/72 scale he is just 1,58m tall. The other guys appear smaller due to their poses.

Some more offenders, another speed built of mine (which I will use for myself as I need some more Special Forces on my table) are Undercover Special Forces subject to the same issue:

Looking good on their own...

... but slightly too small next to other 20mm fellows.

Soo, lesson learned: Scale creep does not only occur upward, but sometimes there´s a downward pressure. I´ll be comparing my next figures more thoroughly to examples from other manufacturers to make sure their size fits. And I might have to re-do most of the Chinese for commercial release...

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  1. Those guys are chinese! They have to be rather small :-D