Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Brick in the Wall

I´ve been renovating today.
For quite some time I´ve been annoyed by the looks of the walls and today they received a fresh painting. Or at least I started painting them, there are several sections still waiting for completion.

This is the result of my painting session on the balcony today:

New Walls. Of course I failed at putting them together for the picture, posing the worst side right to the front, but I don´t care right now ;)

Because - this is how it looked BEFORE:

Quite a bit more ugly. Now, it´s much better:

More to renovation to follow, I´ll be doing the next few section in a slightly more yellowish coloring.

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  1. auch wenn es nicht unbedingt mein Fall ist - du hast was draus gemacht! Kann sich sehen lassen^^