Monday, March 31, 2014

Fighting Falcons

Good evening,

after a long way home I used the last light of day to paint up some more airplanes, hoping to finish something to match the Su-27ers my friend produced lately. I do have F-18s at the ready, but these are navy fighters and not suitable for every scenario. As I knew I still had some F-16s around, I decided to finish those to put something the other aviation branches could throw against the russian planes.

Remember these are 1/600

I spotted the camouflage scheme on the wikipedia page on the F-16 and immediately thought it would be a nice and distinct painting. Probably most suitable for desert environments, these can be used for anything Middle Eastern (probably proxy as Israeli F-16s as well) and more arid regions of east asia as well.

Everything you see on them is painted, no decals no nothing. The color patterns are not 100% accurate and probably slightly to accurate, but I didn´t have that much time today to experiment around until everything was right. Good enough for now :)

In addition to the airplanes, I was able to finish another Fireteam + 2 Support Groups of US Marines, but these are reserved for a later entry as I still have to take suitable photos of these guys.

I also noticed that my tin mountain has shrunk considerably since I last checked:

To-Do box for Rifles and Muskets... running low on supplies O_O

I still have more plastic insurgents, but I have grown to dislike the plastic figures as the colors behave differently than I´m used to and they´re just a pain to paint. As you can see, there are some more jets left, another two USMC Fireteams, some Insurgents and a few civies. That´s about all that´s left from my stack of stuff for this blog.

However, there´s the entire French Navy in 1/6000 waiting to be painted AND I have figures arriving from the casting service, hopefully within next month. I have to paint samples for the website, the french ships AND all of the above.

So, my nascent plans to order another set of jets to keep me busy has been immediately canceled, as I will have enough to paint for the next months, even with good weather and sunshine on the balcony forcing me to paint more often. :)

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