Monday, March 3, 2014

Stopping the Time - Part II

Work has progressed on my little fellows that I´ve been stopping my time with. Most of them is done, I just have to add helmets and do some finishing.

Right now, the clock says 365 minutes on 4 figures - or 6 hours in total.
For every mini, that is 91,25 minutes, or 1,5 hours.

We´ll see how long it takes to do the helmet and the finalizing, but I´m positive about keeping the record below two hours per figure, or at least don´t exceed it by a large amount.

I will not release any pictures of the new project yet. It´s still top secret and will be one of two new ranges, something I have not covered before. Just give it some more time to grow, so I´ll actually have something more to show than crude WIP pics ;)

I´ll give you a hint though: The two ranges are not related. 
Happy guessing!

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