Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cold War British

Hello folks and welcome to something entirely different (again). Next to my excursion into the world of monsters (see last post), I´m painting up some of my Cold War British obtained from Elhiem a few months ago. After giving away my Africans to my friend (remember I had painted them as a christmas gift quite some time ago - not last christmas, but the one before, 2012). Now I´m seriously short on figures for regular vs. regular engagements and I´ve been wanting to do Cold War gone hot from the very start but never got to start it.

So, in order to replace my lost black child sol... ehem, my Africans, I´m building up a British Platoon.

As opponents, I´m going to use my East Germans once they get cast. I´ll have to paint some of them for the webshop anyway, so I´ll just do some more, possibly expand the range and add new poses along the way, and use the figs for gaming.

Only thing I need is more vehicles, especially BMPs or BTRs for the NVA. The British can pose as Paratroopers without any wheeled or tracked support for the moment, but the East Germans need some transports, as hese are organic part of their squads.

Do you see how good the weather was today? ;) 
Pictures where taken outside.   


  1. A very nice start for a British platoon. Perhaps you could also pass them off as Royal Marine Commandos? Or any other British light infantry formations for that matter - there wasn't a whole lot of APCs in the Falklands!

    1. Thanks tim! They´ll be used whatever the scenario requires, the difference in gear is negligible at best (dunno, I´m no rivet counter and even if it was, I wouldn´t care that much as long as the overall look is similar)