Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cold War SAS and... Witches?!

Well, not exactly - just one witch. ;)

More sculpting results from today, I´m a little underwhelmed by the output (in terms of quantity) but somehow I had a bad day in terms of productivity and couldn´t motivate myself much.

So here´s the Cold War SAS fellow, who will be part of my Cold War stuff. He´s the test figure for an initial set of four troopers, with possible expansions later on if people are interested in more.
He´s wearing a mask, so no visible hair or ears.

And the M16 is also still work in progress, but you should get the idea.

Now on to the fantasy part again, I finished the witch that has been showcased a few posts ago. Added a pair of fearsome claws, some hair flying wildly all over the place and some structure on the lower legs to resemble the birds feet.

Considering it´s my second female figure, I´m quite pleased with the result. She looks quite threatening to me and I hope you feel the same. But probably most of you have a lot of experience with women turning into furies and nothing can shock you anymore ;)

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