Friday, June 13, 2014

Enfilade Figures - Now Online!

After a long phase of preparations and a good deal of pushing the go-live date back again and again for various reasons, I´ve finally pushed the button and taken my little webshop online. Click on the banner to get there!

Not all design details are final yet, some of the pictures require rework and will get replaced over time when I find the time to do so. For now, the site should be fully functional, you can place your orders and pay them through paypal (including credit cards via paypal). For other means of payment, please get in contact with me and we´ll sort it out.

For a start, you will most of the things I already advertised on this blog, including:
  • African Government Troops 
  • Modern Germans
  • Modern IDF
  • Insurgents
  • Taliban
While the starting selection is not impressive, I´ve silently been working on more and some of the ranges will be expanded shortly, while a few other fields are getting added. Of course, listing new figures is an investment of both time and money, which is the reason why the initial selection may seem a little small.

Please be aware that stock levels are kept very low for the startup phase for the same reason, as I have no means to determine the expected demand on the minis. If this goes off like a bomb, it might very well take a few weeks until restock arrives and I´ll be able to service more orders.

For future releases, I have some stuff on my working desk (some of it has already been presented in recent blog posts) that will get available step by step. Some of it is already in production, other packs will take a little more time Immediate releases for June and July are expected to be:
  • South African SADF
  • Another group of Taliban
  • El Presidente and his Bodyguard
  • East German Motor Rifles (reworked)
  • African Insurgents
 The overall theme for the next few releases will be "Armies of Africa" and "Armies of Germany",  which should allow for enough scope to flesh out the existing ranges while adding new stuff to a limited degree while maintaining a distinct focus. However, it´s entirely possible that I´ll throw another pack of Taliban or IDF into the mix.

For feedback, criticism, requests and ideas don´t hesitate and contact me!
Contact info can be found on the website in the footer menu! 

And because people have asked for it - here´s a comparison of the size of my figures with other manufacturers:

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