Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Monstrosity

After dreaming some seriously weird stuff last night, I set out to sculpt something different, completely unrelated to modern warfare or the usual stuff I do. The dream sparked an idea, and the idea sparked this little Monstrosity:

If the idea doesn´t get lost (or my rather my interest in it) you might see some more of that kind of sculpting in the future. The Monstrosity is not completely finished, some detailwork on the fangs and legs is required. It´s 20mm Scale and about as tall as a man, so a REAL monstrosity for 1/72 figs or smaller. Slightly less so for 28mm heros, but still not trivial.

So all that´s missing now is some Hunters to cut this beast down, right? This could be the revival of the long forgotten "muskets" part of my blog... :)

Now back to the regular business, of course I didn´t just work on the monstrosity, but on a whole lot of other good stuff. Among it the rework of the East German Motor rifles, that is just about finished, with three poses replaced by new figures and the rest reworked with new heads and arms.

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