Monday, June 9, 2014

Hunters and Hunted

...but who is whom?

I´ve been doing some more non-modern stuff over the weekend, after starting with my Monstrosity. Every Monster needs a Hunter to bring it down, so I sat down and threw this brave little man together:

Unfortunately the sun was not shining on the balcony anymore as I took these pics, so I had to contend with the bad lighting and apply some GIMP-magic. Still not very pleased with the photos.

You know the deal, the figures is 20mm, and it´s turned out rather small, actually closer to 20mm than the usual stuff I´m sculpting. But people in the past centuries where shorter anyway and it definitely makes the monsters more terrifying!

Speaking of Monsters... I´m working on more creatures to hunt, because there´s always more bad things lurking in the dark, things you don´t know of...

Something more humanoid this time, a Witch, in her true appearance and in fury mode, having ripped her cloth when transforming out of her human disguise and/or as a result of combat with the hunters... (still heavily WIP; of course!):

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