Friday, June 20, 2014

More Figures on the way!

I just dispatched another set of figures to the caster, including East German Motor Rifles, Cold War SAS and a bunch of African Rebels.

To get a good number of African Rebel figures ready for the shipment to the caster, I´ve been working on a pack of Support Weapons for my African Insurgents lately - see below!  Excuse the crappy light...

One RPG, one PKM, two RPK (incl. 1 drum magazine to the right)

Furthermore, I´ve been preparing more Rebels with FALs, which seem to be in common use in the dark continent as well - these are the first two. Unfortunately I´ve exhausted my stock of FALs and have to wait for the next shipment to continue on the set, so these will take a little longer.

More work in progress on another front:

More coming soon, I hope to get some painting done over the weekend!

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